Repairing or Replacing your Evaporator Coil

One of the most important components of your air conditioner system is your evaporator coil. It’s basically what makes cold air.


What does the evaporator coil do?

First you need to understand what an evaporator coil does and how it functions. The evaporator coil is located inside of your home, next to the air handler or furnace. During this portion of the process, the liquid refrigerant absorbs heat from the air, effectively cooling down the air and raising the temperature of the refrigerant. Then the cool air is distributed through your home through your ducts and the refrigerant (now a gas) is cycled back to your compressor.

Signs of problems with your evaporator coil

  • Warm air coming from vents
  • Air conditioner turns on and off frequently without cooling
  • Hissing, clanging or banging sounds
  • Leaks around indoor unit
  • Air conditioner won’t turn on

Repair VS Replace

Take into consideration the age, effeciency and extent of the problem. There are many benefits of replacing the evaporator coil or even the entire system.

  • If the coil is still under warrany, replacing the coil is the best solution.
  • If the cost to repair the coil is more than 1/3 of the cost to replace it, seriously consider the units age.
  • If the system is more than 7 years old, replacement would be a smart choice.
  • If the system is more than 10 years old, replacement is a better value.
  • Also seriously consider replacement if there are other problems discovered or if the system operates on R22.

If you suspect you have a problem with your evaporator coil, call A/C Max at (832) 752-4445 to schedule an appointment.

Remember to Change Your Air Filter!

We all know that sweltering summer heat is right around the corner. One of the most important things you can do for your air conditioners performance is to CHANGE YOUR AIR FILTER regularly. This will help keep your A/C system running effeciently and can improve the air quality of your home. If you have a million things to remember and changing your air filter isn’t one of them, keep these helpful tips in mind.

  1. Label Filters – When you change your filter write the date on it with a sharpie. That way when you can’t remember when you changed it last you can easily look and see.
  2. Add it to your calendar – Write it down or add a reminder to your phone, tablet or computer.
  3. Store filters somewhere visible – If your filters are stored somewhere you don’t see them very often, you’ll likely forget about them. Put them in your hallway coat closet or in the laundry room where they are visible. Hopefully seeing them will help you to remember.

If you have any questions or need your Air Conditioner serviced, call A/C Max today at (832) 752-4445 to schedule an appointment.

Get ready for the heat!

March is here and we all know that the summer heat and humidity is right around the corner! Get your Air Conditioner ready to go before it get’s HOT. It’s a good idea to have your A/C system checked before it’s 100 degress out and your A/C isn’t working.

1. Turn it on. I know this sounds simple, but even if it’s not that hot out yet, run your air conditioner for a few minutes to make sure it’s working. Remember A/C technicians can make it to your home much quicker in the early spring. Schedules get really full during the middle of the summer.

2. Replace filters. I know you hear this all of the time, but this is the easiest and most important step you can take to maintain your Air Conditioner. A dirty filter will impede air flow and can cause more serious issues with your system if not changed regularly.

3. Check coolant lines. There are refrigerant pipes that run from the evaporator to the condenser outside and are typically covered with insulation. Replace insulation if there is any missing.

4. Keep outdoor unit clean. The condenser should be free and clear of any debris. Plants, bushes, high grass, etc. can clog or damage your unit. Make sure you turn off your unit before cleaning!

5. Replace your old, ineffiecient system. Look for an Energy Star qualified model. This can significantly reduce your utility bills and keep you comfortable. Tip: Installations are usually cheaper during the off season.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a professional HVAC technician to take a look at your air conditioner for you, schedule an appointment with us today. Call us at (832) 752-4445 today!

Why is my Heater Blowing Cold Air? Troublehooting furnace problems

When your heater is blowing cold air, it can be very alarming. With a little troubleshooting you may be able to resolve the issue without making a service call.

1. Consider the circumstances. Did you just start your heater up for the first time? If so, the cold air may quickly be replaced by warm air. Remember the air in your ducts is the same temperature as in you home and it takes a little bit to push all of the cool air out.

2. Gas – Check to make sure the pilot is lit. If it won’t re-light, you need to check the fuel supply.

3. Thermostat – Make sure your thermostat is set to heat. Also check that the temperature setting is higher than the current temperature in your home. Also try replacing the battery. Low battery can interfere with your system operating properly.

4. Reset the system. Try rebooting your heating system by turning the temperature down so the unit is not running. Disconnect electricity to the unit for at least 2-3 minutes, then reconnect. Turn the temperature back up and see if that fixed the issue.

If these steps didn’t resolve your problem, it’s time to make a call to a HVAC professional. Your technician can inspect the sytem to determine the cause of the heater not working.

Give A/C Max a call today at 832-752-4445 for fast air conditioning & heating service. Our experienced HVAC technicians work in your service area daily so our response time is much faster than most! If you are looking for a local family owned air conditioning and heating service company, AC Max is the one to call.

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Getting Your Heater Ready for Winter

Temperatures are beginning to drop and nights are getting cooler. Before the cold weather arrives you need to make sure that your furnace is working, efficient and safe. You don’t want to wait until that first cold front and find that it isn’t working.

Your best bet is to call a local HVAC professional to come out and inspect your furnace. They can make sure that everything is operational ahead of time.

There are some things you can check and do yourself.

1) Change your filters regularly. I know you hear this all of the time, but it really is important. Clogged filters can cause costly damage to your system. And consider upgrading to a pleated or HEPA filter.

2) Keep the area around the furnace clear of debris and clutter. You don’t want anything to catch fire. You also want to make sure that nothing has fell or is sitting on your air ducts and return vents.

3) Clean your air vents and ducts.

3) If you have a gas system, have it filled up when it’s warm. It’s likely cheaper than during the middle of the winter.

4) Make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors. These are important for everyone’s safety.

5) Consider purchasing a programmable thermostat so it will automatically lower the temperature in the house while you are sleeping.

Contact A/C Max for any of your HVAC needs at (832) 752-4445. AC Max is a full service residential air conditioning & heating company proudly serving the northern Houston area including Montgomery, Tomball, Spring, Cypress, Magnolia, Waller, Hockley, Conroe, Lake Conroe, Pinehurst, Dobbin, Plantersville and The Woodlands Texas. We are a family owned and operated company with years of experience servicing and installing AC and Heating systems.

Is my A/C the right size?

When you are planning on having a new air conditioner installed people often wonder – what size A/C unit do I need?

Choosing the correct size is important to getting the best energy efficiency. Many people buy an air conditioner that is too large, thinking it will cool better. However, an oversized air conditioner is actually less effective and wastes energy. Air conditioners remove heat and humidity from the air. If the unit is too large, it will cool the room quickly, but only remove some of the humidity. This will leave the room with a damp, clammy feeling. A properly sized unt iwill remove the humidity and cool the room.

Since choosing the right size air conditoner system for your home can be difficult, you can always contact our HVAC specialists to help you make sure you are getting the correct size unit.

Calculate the square footage of your home

Air conditioners are often rated based on the amount of space they can cool efficiently, so the first thing you need to do is determine the total square footage of your home.

Calculate the Cooling Capacity

Once you have figured out the square footage of your home, you can calculate the cooling capacity that you need. If the total area is between 2,000 – 2,500 square feet, you will need an A/C unit with a BTU rating of 34,000 (or 3 ton). We can help you pick the right air conditioner system if needed.

Once you choose the right sized air conditoner, contact A/C Max at (832) 752-4445 to help you purchase the unit and have it properly installed.

Why is my Air Conditioner leaking water?

Finding water leaking from your air conditioner can be alarming. When the A/C unit is running and dehumidifying the air it can cause condensation, especially in humid climates. But when there is pooling or leaking water, there’s usually an issue that needs to be looked at. 

If you check your system and run through these troubleshooting list you might be able to find the cause of the leak. It may be necessary to have an HVAC professional fix the problem or you may be able to fix it yourself.

  1. Not Installed Properly – If your air conditioner hasn’t been installed properly, it can leak water. If unit is not level water may begin to pool. First check to see if unit is level. If that isn’t the issue, look for any closed vents in the house. Sometimes that extra pressure can cause the valves to leak.
  2. Drain line is clogged – On your system, there is a drain line to remove excess water from your unit. This can get clogged with dirt or debris. Check and see if this is the problem. If there is blockage, clear it out so the water can drain properly.
  3. Condenser Pump broken –  You may have a broken condenser pump. You can check this by pouring water in the drain pan to see if it can properly pump out the excess water. If not, check for power to the pump. If the pump has power, it is likely the motor or condenser itself. For this repair you should consult with a licensed HVAC contractor.

Leaking water isn’t the worst thing that can go wrong with your Air Conditioner, but it’s definelty something you want to take care of. Your AC unit is not running at top efficiency and you could also have water damage to your home if the leaking water isn’t stopped.

Call A/C Max at (832) 752-4445 if you are having issues and you would like us to inspect your unit.



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